Maintaining this site

This site uses a program called Drupal. It is an open source project that uses a database to store the data from a site, then PHP to write out the pages. This is in contrast to a basic site where one writes the web page with a word processor, then uploads that file to a subdirectory on the server. Both approaches work. Why choose one over the other? With the traditional html in a directory approach, the only person who can modify the content is the webmaster, who after the site is setup, goes away, and the content does not get updated in a timely fashion. Should one want to do new things functions with the site, the web master has to be found and dragged out of hiding and cajoled into adding something new. Drupal can be setup so that by going to the site and logging in, various people can modify the site. How much they can vary things is determined by the webmaster who can grant various levels of permissions. For this site there are four levels, each with more permissions:
  1. The visitor - can read all content except the minutes
  2. The unit owner - can read the minutes on the meetings page, can add/vote on vendors
  3. The editor - can add new issues of the Gazette
  4. The board member/webmaster - can add/modify all content, modules and themes
All of these actions can be done from the website itself. The database remembers who can do what to whom. Since this site is mostly informative, in general people will not need to log in. Find what you need via links or a search, then move along. For those cases where action does need to be taken, that can also be done. This part of the website will hopefully provide enough information for maintaining the site.