Summary of Important Rules and Policies

Your Obligations and Rights

∙You are responsible for reading all Trust documents and for adhering to the Rules and Regulations of Drummer Farms, (p. 3).

∙Non-complience with the rules and policies of Drummer Farms will result in fines, penalties and other legal remedies in force (Forward and p.16).

∙You must respect the rights of your neighbors.  You must take reasonable care not to be a source of nuisance to them, (p. 3).  Pets must be controlled at all times.  You must not allow them to howl or bark excessively and you must properly remove their waste anywhere on the property, (p. 13).

Common Area Use

∙You may not use more than two parking spaces.  You may park only passenger vehicles.  You may not park or store non-functioning, non registered vehicles anywhere on the property, (p. 10).

∙Guests must park along the sides of the road during day time hours only.  There will be no parking on the grass, (p. 10).

∙The speed limit is 15 MPH, at all times, for you and your guests, (p. 10).

∙You may not alter or modify common areas in any way without the written approval of the trust.  This includes construction, planting, decorating, adding external hardware, signs and the replacement of doors and windows, (p. 8-9).

∙The external appearance of all units must remain uniform.  You may not alter doors, windows or foundation plantings, (p. 5, 9).

∙You must adhere to the rules regarding your exclusive-use area, and seek trustee approval where indicated.  Blue and other brightly colored tarps are not allowed, (p. 9).

∙You must follow the guidelines regarding use of the septic system, (p. 10), and the disposal of trash, (p. 17).

∙You must follow all rules regarding the use of the swimming pool, (p. 11, 12), and tennis court, (p. 12).


∙You must notify the Trustees when deciding to sell or rent your unit, (p. 3, 4).

∙When selling, you must fulfill any obligations to the Trust before a 6D Certificate will be issued allowing ownership to be transferred, (p 4).

∙When renting, you must provide information to the Trustees regarding your tenant.  Leases must be for one (1) year minimum.  You must provide the prospective tenant a copy of the Handbook with its Rules & Regulations of Drummer Farms Trust prior to the signing of the lease.  A signed statement from the prospective tenant that the above mentioned documents have been received and read, and that the rules and regulations contained therein will be adhered to, must be sent to the Trustees by the unit owner prior to the signing of the lease, and be incorporated in the lease agreement.  You are responsible for the behavior of your tenants and will be fined for any violations of the Rules and Regulations, (p. 4-5).

Rules and Regulations

1. No unit owner shall make or permit any disturbing noises in the units or do or permit anything to be done therein which will interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of other unit owners.  No unit owner shall play upon or suffer to be played upon any musical instrument or permit to be operated a phonograph or a radio or television loud speaker or other such device in such unit between the hours of one o'clock a.m. and the following nine o'clock a.m., if the same shall disturb or annoy other occupants of the units, and in no event, shall any unit owner practice or suffer to be practiced either vocal or instrumental music for more than two hours in any day or between the hours of six o'clock p.m. and the following nine o'clock a.m.  No unit owner shall give vocal or instrumental instruction at any time.

2. Nothing shall be done or kept in any Unit or in the  common areas and facilities which will increase the rate of insurance of any of the Buildings or contents thereof, without the prior written consent of the Trust.  No Unit Owner shall permit anything to be done, or kept in his Unit, or in the common areas and facilities which will result in the cancellation of insurance or increase in premiums therefore on the building, or contents thereof, or which would be in violation of any law.

3. Nothing shall be hung or shaken from the exterior door windows or sun decks or placed upon the window sills of the unit.

4. No exterior shades, awnings, window guards or ventilators shall be used in or about the units except such as shall have been approved by the Trust.

5. No sign, notice or advertisement including for sale or for rent signs shall be inscribed or displayed by the Unit Owners, except such as shall have been approved in writing by the Trust; nor shall anything be projected out of any window of the units without similar approval.

6. Garbage and refuse from the units shall be disposed of only at such times and in such manner as the Trust may direct.

7. No unit owner shall employ any employee of the Trust or the Managing Agent, if any, on any private business of a unit owner without permission of the Trust or Managing Agent, respectively.

8. No dogs or other animals, birds or pets shall be kept in or about the units without the Trust's written consent and consent so given may be revoked at any time.  Dogs must be kept leashed and in company of owner or other custodian.  Dogs may not be tied up outside.

9. No radio or television aerial shall be attached to or hung from the exterior of the units without the written approval of the Trust.

10. No vehicle belonging to a unit owner or to a member of the family or guests, tenants or employees of a unit owner shall be parked in such manner as to impede or prevent ready access to any entrance of another unit by another vehicle.

11. No ventilator or air conditioning device shall be installed by any unit owner without the prior written consent of the Trust.  Each unit owner shall keep any such device in good appearance and mechanical repair.  No unit owner shall permit any such device to leak, nor to make any noise which disturbs or interferes with the rights, comforts or convenience of the occupant of any other unit.  If any such device shall become rusty or discolored, the unit owner will have it painted in a good workman-like manner and in a standard color which the Trust may select for good order and repair and properly painted, the Trust in its discretion may remove such device and charge the cost of removal to the unit owner, and it may not be replaced until put in proper condition and only with the further written consent of the Trust.

12. No use shall be made of common areas and facilities except such as shall be permitted by the Trust.  Except in recreational or storage areas designated as such by the Trust, there shall be no playing, lounging, or parking of baby carriages or playpens, sand boxes, bicycles, wagons, toys, vehicles, benches or chairs, or any part of the common areas and facilities.

13. Each unit owner may, with the approval of the Trust, on the adjacent land to the rear of his unit and between it and a line three (3) feet distant therefrom and parallel thereto, install plantings and maintain gardens, and between said three (3) foot line and a line seventeen (17) feet distant therefrom and parallel thereto, make use of same for recreational and relaxation purposes.  Said areas may not be enclosed and shall be subject at all times to the right of the Trust to maintain the same.

14. Any consent or approval given under these rules by the Trust shall be revocable at any time.

15. These rules and regulations may be added to, amended or repealed at any time by vote of a majority of the Trustees evidenced by a written instrument signed by a majority thereof.