E. Services at Drummer Farms

I.  Trash

Trash is collected on Mondays and Thursdays.  Household trash should be placed in the dumpsters located at the end of the road that leads past the swimming pool.  Please observe the following regulations governing trash disposal:

∙Place only household trash into the two larger dumpsters.  Pitch boxes and bags into the rear of the dumpsters so as to avoid overflow at the doors.

∙A smaller container is reserved for recyclable items, such as tin and aluminum cans, clear, green and brown glass and #1 & #2 plastic containers.  Remove jar and bottle caps, and the metallic sealers on wine bottles.  While you should rinse out dairy containers, including milk bottles, it is not necessary for you to remove bottle and can labels.  Do not discard plastic bags of any sort into the recycle dumpsters.

∙Neatly place newspapers into containers in the small shed.  Do not include junk mail materials.

∙Do not discard large items such as furniture, kitchen appliances etc., or illegal items such as tires, paint, light fixtures, etc., into the dumpsters.  You must contact the Maintenance Supervisor to haul these items separately to the town dump.

∙Direct movers, delivery men and contractors to carry from the premises any large cartons, carpeting, or other items that they remove from your unit.  If they regularly haul such items away from private homes they should not unload them in our dumpsters because they are here.

II.  Mail

Your mailbox is located in one of two huts located at either end of Meetinghouse Road.  The association does not maintain the mailbox, lock and key, instead the responsibility for these belongs to the town Postmaster.  Contact the Postmaster for keys or new locks.

The Postal Service asks that you affix your name and address to the inside of your box.  Boxes for depositing outgoing mail are located in both mail huts and the Trust's mailbox can be found in the hut nearest the tennis court.  It is in this box that you should deposit your monthly fee payment, as well as correspondence directed to the Trustees.

III.  Electrical Services

Electrical service is provided by Boston Edison.  They should be notified of the date that you plan on moving into your unit so that the electric meter can be registered in your name and the electricity turned on.

Heating is by electric heat pump with central air-conditioning.  The system may be run with the “fan on” feature to circulate air throughout the house without activating either the cooling or heating features.  The system's filter must be changed at least twice yearly to prevent system failures and maintain operating efficiency.  Regular servicing of the heat pump is the responsibility of the unit owner.

IV.  Cable TV Service

Cable TV service is provided by Cablevision in Hudson, MA.  You can reach them at (508) 568-9414 to make the appropriate connections for service.  Cable access is in the rear of units.  Please note that the cables must not be run along the outside of the building, therefore, you might require the services of an electrician to pull the cable through the interior walls.  For non-cable TV, there is an antenna hookup (feed-through from the attic) located in the living room wall in each unit.  External antennas are not allowed.

V.  Water

Water is provided by the Town of Acton and is included in your monthly fee.  We do not have our own well and are therefore subject to any water usage restrictions that are periodically imposed by the town water commission.

Because Drummer Farms does not have a sprinkler system for our lawns the grass is subject to burning during hot, dry summer months unless adequately watered.  Since it is not possible for the maintenance staff to water all ten acres, that task falls to owners and residents who are encouraged to water the grass and shrubs surrounding their units.  If you sprinkle and area of the lawn for 15-20 minutes every 1 to 2 days you will achieve adequate hydration without wasting water.  Please be aware that the Town of Acton periodically imposes and odd/even day water usage restriction.

VI.  Maintenance

The Declaration of Trust, Article VIII, gives the Board of Trustees the power to choose the way in which the Condominium property is managed and maintained.  The Trustees have historically opted for Self Management.

Maintenance staff:
The Trust employs full and part-time staff to perform virtually all tasks required for upkeep of buildings, grounds and facilities.  Contractors are sometimes used for large jobs and when jobs require special equipment or skills.  A Maintenance Supervisor, is on duty twelve months of the year and supervises all work done on the premises.  In an emergency, during nights and weekends, you may phone the Maintenance Trustee, or any other Trustee, who will assist you in determining any immediate actions and remedies.

Maintenance requests:
Staff is on-site Monday through Friday.  Written requests for maintenance are preferred because they enable the supervisor to set priorities and track results.  You will find blank forms and a maintenance mail box in each mail hut.  You can also leave a message on the maintenance answering machine (263-4548) when you'd like to describe your issue in some detail.  If an issue must be handled outside of regular work hours any Trustee will be happy to take your call, and will attempt to find a suitable, short-terms solution.

Private requests:
The maintenance supervisor is authorized to respond to requests for work inside the units (non-common jobs) as his judgment and time allows.  Normally such work would be accomplished during the winter months, when common area work is at an ebb.  The rate for non-common jobs is $24/Hr, plus materials.  The treasurer will provide you with an invoice listing exact time and material charges upon completion of the work.

Snow removal:
In the winter months the maintenance staff is on call around the clock to handle snow accumulations that are in excess of 2-3 inches as well as all dangerous icing conditions.  Weather forecasts are monitored and work schedules are planned accordingly.  For example, when specific accumulations are forecasted, the staff might wait until the storm has finished before beginning clean up, thereby reducing the hours that would be required if work were duplicated.  In cases when significant accumulations are predicted staff will work to keep ahead of heavy buildups that would otherwise necessitate hiring contractors with heavier equipment.  You can assist the staff by moving your vehicles to spaces that have already been plowed.  During or after a heavy snowfall (12 inches or more) do not move your car until after the roads have been thoroughly plowed or as directed by the maintenance supervisor.

V.  Maintenance tips

In preparation for winter and since pipes can freeze, you can guard against leaks inside your basement, caused by a rupture of the outside water faucets, by first turning off the valve inside the unit and allowing the external faucet to drain.

Drain a bucket of water from the hot water heater every few months to prevent accumulation of corrosive material.

An air return vent is located in each room, on the upper part of the wall.  Be careful to not block these vents.

A small fire extinguisher for the kitchen is a good investment.  If you have a chimney, be sure that the damper is fully opened before lighting a fire and keep it tightly closed when the fireplace is not in use.

Test smoke and heat detectors regularly.