Drummer Farms Condominium Association


This document is the official Handbook of Drummer Farms Condominiums and is complete with general information, Rules & Regulations and original Trust documents.  The Handbook is intended as a guide to assist all of us in the goal of achieving cooperative residency at Drummer Farms.  The Handbook is to be read in conjunction with the formal recorded condominium creation documents of record, the Master Deed, the Declaration of Trust and the By-Laws of the Trust.  Owners and tenants are responsible for knowing and abiding by the rules set forth herein, as well as for abiding by all of the provisions of the Master Deed, Declaration of Trust and By-Laws.  Non-complience (compliance) with these rules and policies will result in fines, penalties and other legal remedies in force.

This document will be revised, updated and formally amended as the need arises.  This is the fourth revision of the Handbook, since the original issue in 1981.  It is the first revision of policies to be instituted pursuant to the Rules & Regulations, the first having been distributed with the original Trust document in 1974.

In the future, copies of new, revised pages will be distributed to all owners and tenants who will be responsible for replacing old pages with new ones as indicated.  In this case, the Handbook replaces all other issues in its entirety.  Owners will be responsible to see that tenants are furnished with a duplicate, up-to-date Handbook with its Rules & Regulations.  It is the responsibility of each unit owner(s) to retain and revise their own copies and to pass these documents on to the new owner(s) at the time of closing.  The Trust maintains extra, up-to-date, copies of these documents which will be available for a nominal fee.

The Handbook with Rules & Regulations, and all subsequent revised pages have been or will be jointly produced and unanimously endorsed by the Board of Trustees of Drummer Farms Condominium Trust prior to distribution.  If you have any questions, please contact the Trustees.