A. What is a Condominium?


The word “condominium” is Latin for “joint domain.”  A condominium is a multi-unit property in which the units are individually owned while the common areas, including the land and exteriors of the structures are jointly owned and maintained by a Trust unique to the condominium.  Each owner is a member of the Trust and has the right to vote their respective percentage interest.  (One unit = one vote).

Drummer Farms Condominium is managed by it's Unit Owners through an elected Board of Trustees.  The Trustees have sole control and management of the common areas and facilities and the Trust funds.  They appoint committees, hire managers and all contractors furnishing service to the Trust such as painting, septic system maintenance, etc.

Drummer Farms is a 21 acre “colonial village” in which eighty family units are contained in twenty buildings resembling oversized, colonial-style homes.  Each building houses four family units of ranch or townhouse design.  The buildings face onto one of two private roads, Drummer and Meeting House, reached via Parker Street in South Acton, Massachusetts.

The spacious, non-crowded nature of Drummer Farms is highlighted by a full 10 acres of attractively landscaped lawn and wooded areas.  These factors impose on its occupants a special obligation to maintain the beauty and harmony of the whole by subscribing to reasonable regulations and guidelines as set forth in this document.  There are, in addition, the normal expectations of being good neighbors.

The emphasis at Drummer Farms has always been on harmonious diversity of architecture and orientation, on effective and spacious landscaping and on respect for privacy rather than on jointly used social and recreational facilities that are so often featured in suburban condominiums.  This emphasis sets a distinctive tone to Drummer Farms, which again imposes demands for mutual consideration and neighborliness in its very best sense.