June 2013

Drummer Farms Gazette

Bimonthly Vol. VII No. 3 June 2013

Fire Pits

If you will be using a fire pit on the property, it must be kept at least 10' away from the building, the flames must be kept low and in control and water must be readily available

Pool Reminders

Please remember that parking along the roadway near the pool is prohibited. If you need a ride to the pool, you must have someone else drop you and then have your vehicle moved back to its designated parking space.

Also remember that babies must wear "swim diapers" in the pool. Diapers cannot be thrown into the trash barrels at the pool, they must be brought to the dumpster or disposed of at home.

Finally, please be respectful of our neighboring condominium, Parker Village, and DO NOT use their amenities. We appreciate your cooperation.


R.J. McAuliffe Painting will be painting building G (59-65DR) & building I (36-38DR/1-3MH) this season. They will also be painting just the front of building P (83-89DR). We hope to get them started by mid-July. Prior to the painting, the carpenters will check the building for any wood rot and replace as necessary.

Resident's Corner

Welcome Zheng & Qing Ye, new owners of 63 Drummer, to our community.

This section of the newsletter is reserved for all residents of Drummer Farms. If you have any announcements (i.e., blessed with a child, got engaged, married, etc.) and would like to share the joyous news with others in the community, please mail in the information.

Financial Summary

The following is a financial summary through the end of May 2013:

Revenue $ 66,361
Expense 40,641
Plus YTD Transfers:
Res. For Replacement7,666
Total Expenses48,307
Profit (Loss)$ 18,054

Checking$ 49,767
Total$ 314,503

Non-Operating Expenses
YTD Capital Imp. Exp.$ 11,850

Personal Property

Please remember that all personal items must be stored indoors or neatly in the rear of your unit. Please do not leave bikes, wagons, toys, carriages, etc. in the front of your unit. We appreciate your cooperation.

Speed Limit

The speed limit at Drummer Farms is 10 mph. Residents should be mindful of children playing throughout the community. So, please spare a few extra seconds and drive cautiously.

Sales Activity

Below is our current owner occupancy at Drummer Farms:

Investors 9
Owner occupied71
% of owner occupancy88.7%