December 2012

Drummer Farms Gazette

Bimonthly Vol. VII No. 7 December 2012

Happy Holidays

Alpine's office will be closed in observance of the upcoming holidays:
Thanksgiving Nov. 22nd & 23rd
Christmas Dec. 24th & 25th
New Year Dec. 31st & Jan. 1st

Our 24-hour answering service will dispatch our on-call staff for all emergency calls.

All of us here at Alpine wish you and your family a very happy holiday season!

Preparing for Winter

Winterize your outside spigots to avoid burst pipes next Spring. For units with outside faucets, first turn the shutoff valve in your basement to the "off" position. Then open up the outside spigot to drain out any water.

If you plan to be away for any period of time, be sure to keep your temperature setting at 55 degrees or higher in order to avoid any pipe freeze ups.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of Drummer Farms was held on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at 7:00pm at the RJ Grey Junior High School in Acton. Thanks to all who attended.

An overview of the accomplishments of FY 2012 were presented and David Garrod reviewed the financials.

An election was held for the two (2) open seats on the Board and Mary Ann Kundy and Carla Meredith were both elected to three (3) year terms on the Board of Trustees.

Pet Reminder

Please remember that pets are not permitted in the common areas without a leash. All dogs must be licensed and inoculated, as required by law. In case of an accident, it is the dog owner's responsibility to scoop up their dog's dropping and dispose of the waste in a proper receptacle.

Resident's Corner

This section of the newsletter is reserved for all residents of Drummer Farms. If you have any announcements (i.e., blessed with a child, got engaged, married, etc.) and would like to share the joyous news with others in the community, mail in the information.

Financial Summary

The following is a financial summary through the end of October.

Revenue $ 232,840
Expense 197,579
Plus YTD Transfers:
Res. For Replacement30,919
Total Expenses228,498
Profit (Loss)$ 4,342

Checking$ 36,687
Total$ 243,149

Non-Operating Expenses
Capital Improvements$ 55,600

Dumpster Reminder

Please remember to throw your trash in one of the two dumpsters on the right and your recyclables in one of the two on the left. Please make sure to push your trash as far back as possible and close the doors to prevent rodents and animals from getting in. The dumpsters are only to be used for household trash. A few things that should not be left or put in the dumpster are:
* Furniture
* Mattresses
* Appliances
* Grills

You must make special arrangements with a private contractor to pick up these items. We appreciate your cooperation.

Snow Plowing

The snow plowing will again be done by Property Management Plus for the 2012/2013 season. Your cooperation is needed to make sure the snow removal process is effective.

A pathway will be made through the private roadways and the parking spaces and walkways will be maintained throughout the duration of the storm.

Residents should move their cars to the newly plowed area so the contractor can continue plowing your parking spaces. The contractor will also place sand barrels on the premises for residents' use.

Protect Your Unit

Protect your unit against unexpected problems this winter by adhering to the following checklist:
* Check your washing machine hose for possible leaks. After using your washing machine, turn the water valves to the "off" position.
Check your water heater and plan to replace it if it over 10 years old.

Sales Activity

Below is our current owner occupancy at Drummer Farms:

Investors 9
Owner occupied71
% of owner occupancy88.70%