April 2012

Drummer Farms Gazette

Bimonthly Vol. VII No. 2 April 2012

Water Conservation

Water and sewer rates continue to rise and this expense is typically one of the largest for many condominiums.

Much of the responsibility to keep water and sewer costs down falls on the individual tenants/unit owners to actively conserve and to be aware of the condition of their plumbing fixtures and systems.

One of the most common, but often overlooked, kinds of water leaks is the quiet but constant siphoning of water from the toilet tank. Known as the "silent leak" this can cause the wasteful flow of many gallons of water a day.

Leaky Toilet Test

1. Remove the lid of the toilet tank carefully and place in a secure location.
2. Put 5-10 drops of food coloring in to the tank water.
3. Wait 1 hour.
4. Check to see if the color has gone into the bowl, if it has, you have a leak.

This Old House has an excellent website for repairing leaky toilets.

Water Conservation Tips

Here are some other simple water conservation tips:
1. Turn off the tap water when you are brushing your teeth.
2. Set the water level in the clothes washer for the actual size of the load.
3. Use two dishpans in the sink, one with soap for washing, and one clear for rinsing, avoiding letting the water run while washing.

Together we can keep our condo fees down and help to conserve our natural resources.

Resident's Corner

This section of the newsletter is reserved for all residents of Drummer Farms. If you have any announcements (i.e., blessed with a child, got engaged, married, etc.) and would like to share the joyous news with others in the community, mail in the information.

Financial Summary

The following is a financial summary through the end of March:

Revenue $ 422,361
Expense 333,753
Plus YTD Transfers:
Res. For Replacement88,590
Total Expenses422,343
Profit (Loss)$ 18

Checking$ 32,577
Total$ 263,156

Non-Operating Expenses

Capital Improvements$ 36,577


Property Management Plus has completed the Spring clean up and will be installing the mulch in the next few weeks.

Please help to make their job easier during the landscaping season by keeping all personal items including toys, lawn furniture, etc. off the lawn. Questions or comments about the landscapers' work performance should be reported to Alpine. Unit owners are requested not to confront the contractor's staff while they are on site.

Pool Volunteers

Thanks to those that have volunteered to maintain the pool this season. We are still looking for at least 1 more volunteer for 1 more day (Friday) and a few volunteers that could serve as back-up. If you are able to help, please let me know.

Again, the requirements are, according to the state law, a semi-public pool must have the water tested and adjusted (chemicals added as needed) four (4) times per day. The testing does not have to be done in equally spaced increments, as long as one of the tests is performed during the mid-day/afternoon hours.

The testing is relatively easy and we would offer a brief lesson on your duties and responsibilities. Please get back to me as soon as possible if you are able to help out.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Smoke Detectors

Now is a good time to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. At the same time it would be good to give them a vacuuming because dust builds up in them, which can cause them to malfunction.

Sales Activity

Below is our current owner occupancy at Drummer Farms:

Investors 9
Owner occupied71
% of owner occupancy88.7%