February 2010

Drummer Farms Gazette

Bimonthly Vol. V No. 1 February 2010

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of Drummer Farms was held on Thursday, November 4, 2009 at the Junior High School. Thanks to all who attended.

Matt Bertolami reviewed the 2009 accomplishments, which included the painting of Buildings A, D and L and the replacement of several sets of entry steps. David Garrod provided an update on the 2009 budget.

An election was held for the two open seats on the Board and Matt Bertolami and Marianne Maurer-Ouellette were both re-elected to a three-year term on the Board of Trustees. Welcome back Matt and Marianne!

Spring Unit Owners Meeting

The spring Owners' Meeting is scheduled for March. Look in the mail there will be more details to come.

Certificate of Insurance

If you receive notification from your bank or mortgage company that they require proof of the master policy insurance coverage, please contact the agent for Drummer Farms, Richard W. Endlar Insurance Company, at 781-455-6664. They will be glad to provide what is called a "Certificate of Insurance."

Common Area Repairs

Please be sure to notify Alpine immediately if you have a maintenance emergency regarding the common area. The Board of Trustees does not generally reimburse for common area maintenance after the fact. You must submit the repair request to the Board prior to any repairs being made if you will be requesting reimbursement.

Trustee Meeting

February 23, 2010 at 6 PM
Alpine's Office
Note: The dates for upcoming meetings can always be found on the Drummer Farms website at www.drummerfarms.com

Financial Summary

The following is a financial summary from April 1 through the end of December:

Revenue $ 273,417
Expense 213,211
Plus YTD Transfers:
Res. for Replacement 64,000
Total Expenses $ 277,211
Profit (Loss) $ (3,794)

Checking $ 41,006
Reserve 64,684
Total $ 105,690

Non-Operating Expenses
Capital Improvements $ 61,178

Smoke Detectors

The batteries in your smoke detectors should be checked regularly to make sure that they work and if not, they will need to be replaced.

Keeping Common Area Clean

Please tidy up your area by throwing away the unused items that affect the appearance of our community.

Decks are not storage areas; please do not store unused items underneath them.

Items such as gardening equipment, flowerpots, and renovation materials should be removed and/or discarded. The appearance of the common areas reflects on you as a resident and affects the value of your unit.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping Drummer Farms an attractive place to live.

Plowing Reminder

Residents and their guests must move vehicles during the plowing operation. Please move your car to a newly plowed area after each snowstorm so the contractor can plow and clear all sections of the parking lot.

If you plan to be away during the storm, you must make arrangements for your vehicles, either by removing them from the property or by leaving keys with a neighbor who is willing to clear off your vehicles and move them for you.

Sales Activity

Below is our current owner occupancy at Drummer Farms:

Visit our website at www.drummerfarms.com

Investors 9
Owner occupied 71
% of owner occupancy 88.70