February 2009

Drummer Farms Gazette

Bimonthly Vol. IV No. 1 February 2009

Recycling Reminders

Below are some basic guidelines on Recycling Do’s & Don’ts.

Paper/Cardboard Recycle: Junk mail, newspapers, office paper, telephone books, cereal boxes, packing boxes, magazines.

Preparation: Flatten all boxes. Bag any paper that is shredded. Remove wax paper liners from boxes.

NO used paper towels or tissues, wet or dirty paper or cardboard, waxed paper/boxes, milk cartons.

Glass: Recycle: Clear, green and brown glass bottles and jars.

Preparation: Rinse and discard lids.

NO Light bulbs, window glass, mirrors, cookware or other colors of glass.

Metal: Recycle: Steel and aluminum cans and lids;

Preparation: Rinse to remove food residue.

NO Pots and pans and no food residue.

Plastics: Recycle: Plastic bottles/jugs for milk, soda, detergents etc.

Preparation: Rinse and discard lids.

NO Plastic bags (take to grocery stores to recycle), yogurt cups, margarine tubs.

Dumpster Reminder

Here are a few reminders about our dumpster use:

Tie trash bags securely, consider double bagging in the summer months.
Collapse and flatten corrugated cartons and other boxes.
Throw trash as far back in the dumpster as you can.
Close dumpster doors

Next Trustee Meeting

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
6:30 PM
Alpine’s office
Damonmill Sq., Concord, MA 01742
Phone: (978) 371-9090 jb@alpinemanagement.com Fax: (978) 369-1951
Financial Summary
The following is a financial summary from April 1 through the end of December:

Profit / Loss Statement
Revenue $ 284,106
Expense 214,838
Plus YTD Transfers:
Working Capital 16,500
Contingency 7,350
Res. for Replacement 45,000
Profit (Loss) $ 418

Balance Sheet
Checking $ 27,059
Painting Account 12,637
Contingency Account 2,481
Reserve 60,291
Total $ 102,468

Non-Operating Expenses
Capital Improvements $ 25,848
Working Capital Exp. 10,467
Hot Water Heaters

When a water heater bursts, it will discharge water until the supply is stopped. Therefore, the water valve must be turned off immediately to minimize the extent of the damage. Make sure you are familiar with the emergency instructions for your water heater and know the location of your water shutoff valve. Additionally, you should check the expiration date of your warranty and may want to consider replacing the water heater if the warranty period is almost up or if you notice rust in the water.

You can also purchase a water leak detector alarm from your local hardware store or Home Depot for about $15.00 to $20.00. The alarm will alert you at the first sign of leakage and may help to minimize damages. Remember – water heaters do not usually last long after their warranty period! Replacing an old water heater now can save you the cost and headache of repairing major damage from a burst tank later!

Residents’ Corner
Welcome Sergi Burtsev, new owner of 79 Drummer Road to the Drummer Farms community!
Sales Activity
Below is our current owner occupancy since last publishing:

Investor owned units 7
Owner occupied units 73
% of owner occupancy 91%

One unit has been sold since our last publishing:

12/22 79-DR $195,300
Date Sale Price
12/22 79-DR $195,000
Happy Valentines Day! From the Board of Trustees and everyone at Alpine