October 2007

Drummer Farms Gazette

Bimonthly Vol. II No. 5 October 2007
Pool Closing

The pool is scheduled to close for the season on Monday, October 1st. We hope that you enjoyed the use of the pool over the summer.

Correction to previously published pool rules: Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times when at the pool.

Annual Meeting

The Drummer Farms Condominium Annual Meeting is scheduled for Thursday. November 8, 2007 at the Raymond Gray Jr. High School in Acton. Keep your eyes open for the information package, which will be mailed out shortly.

The package includes the proxy statement, a nomination form, a question related to the approval of waiving this year's audit, and a letter from the Trustees encouraging unit owners to run for the Board. If you will be unable to attend the meeting, PLEASE make sure to return your proxy, as we need to establish a quorum.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Trustee, please fill out the names on the nomination form and return it to our office. If you would like additional information about the responsibilities of being a Trustee, please call Alpine.

The Annual Meeting is a great opportunity to meet your neighbors, Trustees and representatives from Alpine. Many items of interest will be discussed at this meeting.

Fall Reminders

As we turn the clocks back this fall, please remember to also change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Please also remember to shut off the valve in your basement for your outside water spigot when the cold weather sets in to avoid frozen pipes this winter.

Financial Summary

The following is a financial summary through the end of August from April 1, 2007:

Profit / Loss Statement
Revenue $ 136,407
Expense 111,435
Plus YTD Transfers:
Contingency 3,750
Working Capital 9,000
Res. for Replacement 7,500
Profit (Loss) $ 4,722

Balance Sheet
Checking $ 11,955
Contingency Account 2,505
Working Capital 2,516
Reserve 32,086
Total $ 49,062

Non-Operating Expenses
Capital Improvements $ 3,929
Working Capital Exp. 6,500


Thanks to all of you who participated in the informational gathering about the FiOS installation process with the Verizon Engineers, the Trustees and Alpine. It was a great way for us to meet some of you and the questions that were raised were beneficial for everyone.

Additional information will be distributed to all unit owners, including the questions and answers that were raised during the FiOS presentation. Please be sure to fill out and retum the questionnaire to let us know whether or not you want the FiOS cables brought inside of your unit during the installation process.

Even if you do not wish to subscribe to FiOS services now or in the near future, it is important to consider the longer-term impact and increase marketability of your unit if it is FiOS-ready.

The Board and Alpine strongly recommend that you allow for the internal installation of FiOS. It is more appealing aesthetically, and if you or another unit owner in your building wishes to subscribe to FiOS in the future, it will be an easy and efficient process to hook you up.

Sales Activity
Below is our current owner occupancy at Drummer Farms:

Investor owned units 7
Owner occupied units 73
% of owner occupancy 91%

That's the news from Drummer Farms.